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Best Tips to Build a Successful Student CV

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It is not always easy for young graduates to find the perfect job because most companies favor experienced candidates. If there was only one piece of advice to give to girls and boys who are about to write their student CV, it would be: show empathy or at least a kind understanding for whoever will read your resume. In other words, put yourself into the recruiter’s shoes. Here are the best advices to make your curriculum vitae successful.

Choose the Right CV Presentation

The form of a CV is the reflection of its content. The layout, the typographical choice, the structuring of the information, etc., will facilitate or not the reading of the document. And the aim is to increase your chances of attracting the headhunters’ attention. Remember that according to several studies, a recruiter spends less than 10 seconds on each resume. Therefore, clearly build your school career with suitable chapter headers, avoid overly creative fonts, smileys and other eccentric illustrations. Finally, be concise and notice that one page should be enough to present yourself. Do not hesitate to use a CV template for student to be sure of the quality of the presentation.

Adapt your CV to the Job Sought

It is true that recruiters now favor job applicants with mad skills. Nevertheless, it is not certain that highlighting your interest in philately will convince the nursing school for which you are applying for that you have the ideal profile, for instance. Likewise, a future “Company Director” cannot adorn the header of their CV in size 25 bold and in fuchsia pink. That would incline the recruitment manager to grant you the position. Your CV must be flexible, and it is important that you customize it according to your goal and/or the position vacancy.

Be Consistent While Building a Student Resume

Be sure to give identical information regardless of the medium on which you appear. Bragging about your speaking skills on LinkedIn, your writing skills on Viadeo and your passion for Icelandic horses on your resume is likely to be perplexing. Furthermore, also make sure the periods presented (studies, internships, etc.) coincide and that your academic career is complete. Rather than meeting with you to obtain details on a gaping 8-month “hole” that appears on your CV, a recruiter will prefer to simply dismiss your application. Even a prolonged period of inactivity can be valued by evoking a trip, additional training, or a satisfied center of interest. Plus, you can more easily talk about it during a job interview.