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SuWit Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand for the New Career

Career Opportunities

Right now, when tourists come to Thailand for Thai boxing training, then obviously they expect their trainer to be qualified enough to teach them everything properly from the beginning. Now Thai boxing is not just some sort of sport, but it has become a key towards fitness and health, and every year more and more people are coming to Thailand to join a Thai boxing Training Camp. Besides all of this, if you are looking for a job or recruitment opportunity in a Thai boxing camp in Thailand then obviously you must have several qualities in you to call yourself a Thai boxing master.

Experienced Muay Thai Boxing Fighting Skills

Thai boxing is not something that you can learn overnight, but it requires practice for several hours every day, or in other words, you have to dedicate yourself to Muay Thai. So, if you are looking for a career as a Muay Thai trainer, then you must already have all the training from basic level to the advanced level, and obviously, it’s going to take several years to get completely trained to become Muay Thai Master. Besides all of this training, you must have experience in Muay Thai Fights as well. Right now, the minimum acceptable experience for the trainer job is 100 hours, and the more you have, the better are the chances for you to get accepted.


Fluency in the English Language at SuWit Muay Thai boxing gym

Now obviously when you are starting your career in Thailand, then you are going to expect a greater number of foreigners as compared to the locals. So, for this purpose, you also need to be fluent in the English Language, because most foreigners that come to Thailand communicates in English. So, if you are fluent in this language, then it can also become a plus point for you to get this job. You must remember that Thailand is the Home for Muay Thai, and people here are practising this technique from many centuries, and now if you want a job in a land where people start their Muay Thai Training at a very early age then no doubt you have to prove them with your perfection as well.  A good Muay Thai camp is muaythai-thailand  and have many jobs for fighters at SuWit Muay Thai.

Tests to Pass the Recruitment Process

Getting a job in a Muay Thai boxing camp in Thailand is not an easy task, so you need to prepare yourself before you even start thinking to enter this career. Usually, the Recruitment process in a Muay Thai boxing training camp is done by the master of that camp, and you need to pass a few tests before you even get selected as a trainer. Now, most of these tests are physical ones, and you have to compete against few of the top members of that camp ending up with a final test of a match between you and the master of that camp. Thai people are really serious about the recruitment process, especially when it comes to foreign recruitment. They always try to make sure that the people who are working in their camp has to be among the best ones.