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Quality of life in Portugal: How good is it?

Career Opportunities

Every country has its own charm, pros, and of course, cons. But what about Portugal? Is it a good country to move to? If you are planning to move there, whether for studies, work, or any other purpose, should you actually consider it? Well, Portugal is unquestionably worth living in. It has many benefits that might be able to attract you to the whole country. But what are those benefits and aspects? Let’s check out!

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What makes Portugal a good place for living?

These are some of the things that make Portugal a great place for living. So check them out, and see how good Portugal can actually be!

1. Education

If you are specifically moving to Portugal for education, then you are making one of the best decisions of your life. As for the bachelor’s, you might have to face language problems, but there are many programs available in English for Masters, and that would be suitable for everyone.

Not only that, but you can precisely use online platforms to clear your concepts there and make your education easy. There are services like Dharma5 Academy that allow the students to opt for different courses and videos along with their majors in the universities. In short, Portugal can be a great place to study and furnish yourself.

2. Security

Did you know that Portugal is the 4th safest country in the entire world? Yes, you heard that right! Among more than 200 countries, Portugal ranks 4th, and it is just unbelievably good for anyone who is looking for security. Besides that, the whole country is peaceful, the crime rate is quite low, and there are no security concerns.

3. Job opportunities

Job opportunities in Portugal are average in the country, but they are still good enough for anyone looking forward to growing. The industries like tech have quite a lot of opportunities, whereas the other industries might suffer a little. So it is better to check out what are your career plans and then see how good Portugal can serve you.

4. Living Standards

Portugal has some of the most beautiful cities and places in the world. Not only that, but the infrastructure of the whole country is quite advanced too. You can easily compare it to countries like France and Germany. Besides that, there are all necessities available without any problems. You are provided with good transport, businesses, access to various needs, and much more, right in one place.

5. Affordability

Portugal is not a very expensive country, and neither is it a cheap one. So the thing is, you can easily manage to live in Portugal if you have a decent source of income. You will not have to worry about extra sources as Portugal can make it easier for you to budget all the things.


Now you will have to explore all the options and see how they are benefitting you. Conclusively, Portugal is a good place to live with high-quality standards. You will just have to adjust yourself and see how different things work there.