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Ace your job interview in Denmark


When applying for jobs and attending interviews, you are often faced with questions that you might not know how to answer without jeopardizing it all

Interviewers will often ask a series of questions that will help them ascertain if you are the right person for the role that you have applied for in the company. These questions might seem silly and like they have no value, but an interviewer can tell a lot about you from the answers you provide to the questions put forward to you. If you are on the search for a new job, it might be useful to visit the Danskeanmeldelser, which is a Danish review site that provides customer feedback on local businesses and their products or services.

These are the 5 questions that are asked the most during the interview process:

Question #1: Tell me about yourself?

While you might think that this is the perfect opportunity to share your hobbies and food likes, focus on providing a brief overview of your experience and background that could benefit you in the position you are interviewing for. It is a good idea to share some accomplishments that you felt proud of, and how they might have prepared you for this position

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Question #2: What did you like least about your last job?

Do not use this to rant about how bad your manager was and how you felt you were constantly being micromanaged. Focus on the positives, such as how much you like working at the company, but found the meetings went on too long and how you could have used that time to work on a project or respond to a client query in a more timeous fashion. This could show the interviewer that you are hardworking and focused.

Question #3: Where do you see yourself in five years?

What this question is really trying to ask is, “Could I count on you to stay with this company long term?” A perfect answer would be that you would like to see yourself established in your role and contributing to the company’s overall success and profits. By including the company in your five-year plan it shows dedication and loyalty to the company.

Question #4: What is your greatest weakness?

This is not the time to mention that you feel overwhelmed when you are facing a deadline and are stressed about getting the job done. Instead, focus on a real weakness that will not affect your ability to do the job at hand, or you could bring up a skill that you are currently learning and want to develop further.

Question #5: Tell me about a time when you failed?

While we would all like to put past failures behind us, by sharing where you failed, and how you took responsibility for that failure, you can show the interviewer that you used it as a learning experience, and prevented that same problem from happening ever again.

When answering questions asked of you in an interview, always remember to stay calm, and think of a way to answer the question without your answer affecting your ability to do the job at hand. Mention growth and learning experiences you were taught in previous positions and how you feel they can help you contribute to the success of the business.